The NetPlusUltra®-Sustained Network Experience

Halfway through between the framing of the prospective member's .info perimeter, and the successful completion of their .org project, the present .net module constitutes a new debriefing step in direction of what the network experience inside the NetPlusUltra® franchising system will be.
Starting with a brief review of Maslow's fundamentals as revisited by the formula, followed by an invitation to reflect on the implications of such a paradigm shift at the financial, organizational and cultural levels, this journey leads to my NetPlusUltra® directory of web projects in development, with for each one a redirection to the corresponding contact form.
If the present website will undeniably be more intelligible to those who have followed through the making of this conceptual Webfolio since the beginning of its publication, knowing that the latter is conceived as a concept demonstration path into knowledge capitalization, this new consolidation step also aims at reminding visitors that if this network service is to be provided, it will have to be deployed by duly registered NetPlusUltra® authors!
Finally, in the same way as each website of this Profolio 2014 is the professional extension of its (personal) Netfolio 2013 equivalent, each web page of the present module has its own social icons, for a contextual redirection to related complementary contents.
Let us start with the necessary return to the roots.