Reasons for Hope

Considering that the ability to conduct self-research is a solution that, as much as the problem, comes from the inside, which is why the NetPlusUltra® formula conceptually grafts onto the user environment, i.e. on the user's use of the operating system of his/her choice, the time has come, in this problem solving process pertaining to content production, to take a final look at the web hosting solutions to be privileged for their sustainability, insofar as the publication stage is the last step of the development process by which the author will have to demonstrate his/her capacity to make the right decisions for the right reasons.
Let us start at the bottom of the conceptual integrity scale, with the entirely web-based editing model, a form of resource sharing proposed by social network providers, internet access suppliers, and professional web hosting services. If your objective is to remain a lightweight content producer, and if your motivation to publish is of the relational kind, a social network will do. If on the contrary your intention is to do conceptual work, starting from a more personal subject matter exploration with a view to making it into the professional dimension without system default interruptions, you had better subscribe directly with a professional web hosting service provider whose job it is to supply professionals with sustainable solutions.
In terms of conceptual optimum, the solution of interest from a NetPlusUltra® standpoint is the app-based native-source-to-shared-hosting-target option at a provider's such as OVH, which also supplies the internet access. Considering the room for self-expression comprised for 5,99 EUR per month (price of 2014) in such a web hosting solution, as supplied by a service provider operating at the international level, is enough to make me lose all interest for all those falsely cheap alternatives of the lower reliability levels. If the catalogue pertaining to this range of services might seem somewhat overloaded at first glance, one quickly realizes by using it that an effort of simplification would help not only to direct authors in the making to the right solution much more efficiently, but also to reactivate such economic eviction mechanisms which are being compromised by the cloud-induced lack of transparency (such market safeguards are supposed to ensure that unreliable offers, which should never have made it into the catalogue in the first place, are eliminated through massive adoption of better choices and practices).
I am squaring the organizational and technical cycle of this project milestone debriefing with the dedicated home office server option, which I consider the safest for knowledge intensive projects, although the private intranet with VPN access alone - as considered from an author's perspective - offers enough added value in comparison with equivalent third-party hosting services. Which makes the private server catalogue a largely oversized one, even though - from an R&D standpoint such as mine, which is about developing a knowledge capitalization system as a conceptual alternative to the abusively game-oriented operating systems - it still offers the opportunity for deeper exploration of the OS based on which the solution is supposed to be implemented.