From the Genetic Imprint to the Expression of Cultural Diversity

Left Brainers vs. Right Brainers? Neither Nor, on the Contrary!
Since the cultural issue I am addressing here is also a matter of digital content production by authors of many different backgrounds embedded in their respective environments (populated by family members, friends, colleagues, MS Windows geeks, Mac OS X users…), I will approach it from the professional perspective, considering that the reason why PC users (the managers) and Mac users (the creatives) perceive each other as different is rooted in their respective vision of a certain job culture, even if both systems have moved considerably closer to each other throughout their evolution (or so it seems).
The websites (or customer contact points) of my Webfolio, which are provided as 2x4 throughcuts of an author's personal and professional life project, are designed to promote earned value management as much as prospect affiliation (at the .info level, the author is invited to promote him-/herself up to webmastership; at the .net level, to web project management; and at the .org level, to web program management). Whereby the purpose is not to lose the visitor in the wormhole effect framed throughout the Webfolio, as a sneak preview of what my formula-based exit strategy is all about (for those who see it), but to provide whatever information is necessary and sufficient in quantity and clarity for every prospective member to prepare his/her affiliation at his/her own pace and level. At this stage of personal self-evaluation, the focus lies not so much on whether to choose a Mac or a PC, but rather on the inevitable binarity of everything.
The prime reason why I am distinguishing both user profiles from each other - should it be necessary to emphasize it - is that the Mac is recognized as the most reliable of both systems, and that I am simply concerned about keeping my equipment clean. Whether this is true or false is less of an issue than the fact that the simple application of this basic precaution principle suffices to make both environments better. To the full measure that my NetPlusUltra® self-authoring label provides for safer interfaces, it represents a genuine conceptual standard of leveling-up, intellectual property protection, and long-term potentiation by the matrix formula. Why is why the admission into my extended ExterNetPlusUltra® network is conditioned by the submission of a contractual feedback or pre-affiliation form: because native Intrafolio contents and multi-OS-friendly Extrafolio knowledge products will be created in and provided by two different production environments.
The term Intrafolio therefore refers to the contents which will make it out of my conceptual OS X Server kitchen, whatever network services are necessary to produce them. Among the latter, the most important with regard to my NetPlusUltra® purpose is the Wiki Server service, which is supposed to enable me to produce my conceptual R&D specifications. Needless to say (but still I have to!) that since those contents refer to my concept core, i.e. to my intangible knowledge base of capitalization, the access to the know-how that I intend to provide as a virtual incubation service, through this NetPlusUltra® master franchising system, will be subject to an admission fee.