DNA®, Time Squared: To Whom It May Concern

In front of such nasty dynamics of distortionist hyperconsumerism feeding on nothing but greed and profiteering, and to which even justice seems to fall prey to, how do we empower ourselves to come back to some sense of healthy measure, and to break out of any kind of vicious sectarian circle? How do we develop a culture concerned about preventing system failure, i.e. open to self-confident return on experimentation, where individuals are being granted the benefit of the doubt for the sake of everyone's right to know how to do the right thing without having to reinvent the hot wheel?
Starting from your auto-psy results from the previous issue (I assume that you ridded yourself of some illusions in the process), I suggest we continue this exploration with an honest estimate of our real needs with regard to all major themes defining the NetPlusUltra® experience. Whereby the purpose of this reconsideration, in-through-out of the underlying Single Concept Declaration in the making, is to motivate everyone to provide his/her own individual input to the conceptual aggregation of supply (what you think you can do for the system) and demand (what you expect from it).
Like all those who will join me in this initiative, I am expecting this aggregate spectroscopy - which already fully legitimates the purpose of my foundation project - to provide for a clear assessment of the needs to redistribute by adjusting, a quick change of matrix for each contributor, and the emergence of new conceptual niches, with a view to revitalizing, towards sustainable development, a system paralyzed by the spectrum of depletion of natural resources.
Once this inventory is secured and validated, the progressive reintegration of all parts of the whole from the old world into the new will set itself into motion towards conceptual capitalization. This will enable each affiliate member to independently manage his/her migration from a defaulted system - which, by placing technocentrist considerations at the heart of all concern, transforms the user into a centre of crashes and losses - to a knowledge economy which, by the simple fact that it grafts itself onto this pitfall to set the record straight, makes everyone an economic agent capitalizing on added value.