A Species Odyssey: The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

We can feel it everyday: to reverse the self-destructive dynamics of a system that loses its values and sense of direction by massively funding causal distorsion to make sure the economy stays in the hands of those who fake it, and which cultivates ignorance as a token of resistance to change, it takes much more than so called social counter-powers aggressively hyperconnected into squatting the very stock of limited resources that needs to be safeguarded! It takes to be able to isolate the gene, not only to free the core from the sectarian cancer that is eating it away, but also to allow it to reprocess itself protected from the speculative interests of those eager to win the coveted prize. To simplify representation, what I call the core (issue) refers to the alpha element (impression, intuition, intention, resource) at the source of each cognitive and/or financial investment decision.
This is where the NetPlusUltra® master franchising system sets in, with its knowledge engineering matrix model to cultivate value at the source through an incubation formula which makes the European intellectual property codex applicable. The first asset we should be concerned about, with regard to the macro-objective of sustainable renewal that afflicts humankind, is the capitalization potential encoded in our DNA, which we should learn to make fruitful towards the greater good for its genetic uniqueness. With at the opposite end a technocratic rapture logic which systematically corrupts the global economy, one better understands what keeps so many people seeking their other half, or what defaults them into searching for true meaning.
But let us get back to our sheeps in their green pastures, threatened by a wolf motivated by the same need to find food, and whose prime tort is that it was born on the predators' side. The Single Concept Declaration will enable us not only to safeguard the DNA of the bearer and legitimate holder as the latter's seed capital, but also to build up the trust fund that the child will learn to manage during its formative years in an affiliate school franchised into a simulated society of the future, whose mission will be to teach everyone to tame that predator tycoon sleeping inside before it's too late.
Thanks to the permanent capitalization dynamics inherent in its virtuous process nature, the NetPlusUltra® formula is expected to considerably shorten and enrich everyone's formative training time so as to shape job-ready individuals self-employable right upon finishing school. The post-baccalaureate years traditionally employed to academic studies could therefore be reallocated to a more productive period of academic monitoring co-funded by affiliate employers for whom the students would work part-time, with the objective of validating as much their transition from a simulated schooling environment to a professional real life challenge, as their ability to conduct their own dedicated R&D, i.e. to take over their capitalization trust fund.