DNA®: Our Source Code

In a hyperconsumerist world heavily idiocratized by self-merchandized consumers overexposed to distortion strategies devised to biase their self-perception towards compulsive disorder, how do we implement the safeguars which will preserve us from self-enrollment in such sectarian market dynamics, and enable us instead to develop the conceptual antibodies necessary to keep or regain our control over ourselves without losing all our motivation in the process?
Starting from the information available on the internet on Maslow's pyramid, (re)considered in light of the progress achieved since its publication in 1943, let us take an introductory walk through the problem of self-perception in more concrete terms of what healthy mind-body intraconnection is all about. Such a strategy of conceptual enlargement of concerns will allow us, in a third step, to extend this first question to the issues of how we interact with our environment and other people, so as to include new elements of reflection and differentiation derived from observation on issues such as the cult of performance and results.
The ultimate purpose of this strategy of self-evaluation is to enable everyone to open up to the NetPlusUltra® philosophy for the conceptual allocation of individual (internal) and collective (external) resources, towards self-preservation of our autonomy to do so, and in a way that also provides for the self-defusion of all those self-inflating psychic conflicts that sectarian elites so insidiously try to manipulate us into. Indeed, it is only once we are fully aware of our full potential (limitations included), i.e. of our latitude in manoeuvering our lives, that we can declare ourselves capable of accurately estimating our real needs.
Which is precisely where the concept formula provides the means for self-accomplishment. Unlike the contemporary market logic, which wastes limited resources just to frustrate the consumer for not being up to a certain ideal of society, the NetPlusUltra® knowledge capitalization system will encourage us to position and empower ourselves with regard to its self-improving conceptual references, until we are competitive enough in terms of added value, i.e. self-enabled to measure our individual contribution to the global performance, and to move up to the next level as soon as our Qualified Self results give us the green light to do so.